The BetterMarriage Retreat

Two Unforgettable Days to Help You and Your Partner Realign, Rekindle Romance, and Strengthen Your Relationship

A Better Life Starts with a Better Marriage

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Your relationship often gets the scraps of time left in your day 
  • You and your spouse lack alignment on goals (or struggle to stay aligned)
  • Busy jobs, kids, and life’s commitments often take priority over your relationship
  • You struggle to find time for weekly dates and one-on-one connection
  • Your relationship lacks regular growth and improvement
In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we often lose sight of what matters – our relationship, marriage, and connection to each other. The BetterMarriage Retreat is designed to help couples realign on goals and priorities, rekindle romance, and strengthen your relationship. 

What People Are Saying About The BetterMarriage Retreat

We loved this! Our first couples retreat. It was the right length for our first time away from our second baby. We were very drained after day 2, so maybe if it can be broken up over a few days? I’d love to do more of this work but I think I need to pace myself. We’d absolutely love to attend another. Thanks BLT & Fixated 🙏

Ryan Kennedy's breath work was amazing for me personally. I had only felt those raw emotions one other time in my life. It was the best experience of the weekdayend event!

Great flow & schedule. Perfect amount of time for this kind of conference. We love the conferences on Mondays & Tuesdays. We liked being on the Mainland. Thanks & we will be back for the next one.

The time spent working with my spouse during the event was very productive and helpful in applying the principles being presented.

This event was everything that I could’ve asked for. The workshops that gave us a framework for how to work through our marriage were so helpful, the speakers were dynamic and life-giving, breathwork was incredible, we felt like there was a real sense of community in the approach to our lives that isn’t a normal environment we’re in. We’re 100% down for the next one.

It was really incredible, you guys did an amazing job. I absolutely loved it. We already gained some great friends even after only 2 days and felt like we had really intentional and well-crafted time ourselves to grow our marriage. We would attend every one of these if they are an annual event in the future.

Really enjoyed the whole event. Food was DELICIOUS. Kelly Flanagan was outstanding. Emcees we’re fun and broke up the seriousness.

The way the event flow of the event was powerful! So much energy and genuine action for a Better LIFE! I feel this event was priceless and gained so much from this time for my path to a better me for a better us with my husband!

This was a life changing event. So incredibly thankful for getting to attend this . I had no idea the impact this could have on my spouse and I. We are thriving even more to crush more goals thanks to the BetterLife Tribe. We will forever prioritize working on our marriage for ourselves and our kids , along with setting an example for everyone around us .

What to Expect:

Expert Advice:

Hear from best-selling author Jon and Kathryn Gordon, Brandon and Heather Turner, as well as other expert guest speakers offering valuable insights and guidance on building a healthy relationship while excelling in business and life.

Skill Building:

Workshops and interactive sessions focus on communication, problem-solving, and enhancing emotional connection.

Relationship Enhancement:

The retreat provides dedicated time to deepen emotional bonds, strengthen intimacy, and rekindle romance.

Networking and Support:

Couples can connect with others, share experiences, and build a supportive community of like-minded couples focused on growth and healthy relationships.

Relaxation and Renewal:

The serene location of Mission Bay in San Diego allows for relaxation, recreation, and gaining a fresh perspective on the relationship.

BetterLife Tribe Exclusive Event

This event is exclusively for BetterLife Tribe members. Membership will be verified after registration.  


Jon and Kathryn (1)

Jon & Kathryn Gordon

Motivational Speakers & Best-Selling Authors

Screen Shot 2023-06-15 at 7.18.57 PM

Ben Humble & Andreea Muresan

Entrepreneurs & Motivational Speakers

Brandon Fam Jam + More

Brandon & Heather Turner

Founder and CEO of BetterLife

DHB04685- IG

Mike & Kara Ayala



Dr. Kelly Flanagan

Clinical Psychologist & Coach


Ryan Kennedy

Functional Medicine Practitioner & Board-Certified Clinical Nutritionist

Ticket Pricing

One ticket required per couple. Tickets limited to 75. Event is exclusively for BetterLife Tribe members and couples. We love our single friends but, unfortunately, this event is not for you.

Bundled Ticket

Does Not Include Lodging

$ 1,650
  • One ticket per couple
  • Full event access
  • Limited to 75 Tickets
Per Couple

Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Spa and Marina San Diego


July 31st – Aug 1st


Our team is finalizing event details and will be updating the website with new information every week. Fill out the interest form to stay up to date on new changes and when we open up the event for registration. 

Our team is finalizing tickets and registration. In the meantime, complete the interest form to be notified of early bird registration and pricing as soon as it becomes available. 

This event will not be streamed or recorded and is only available in-person to ticketed attendees

After you register, you can expect an email with next steps and more details. Our team will keep you looped in on the event schedule, next steps, and how to plan for your trip accordingly.

This event is limited to 75 couples (150 attendees)

This event is catered specifically for couples and their partners who are attending together. If you are not in a relationship or your spouse cannot attend with you, this event may not be ideal for you. We rely on engagement, interaction, and activity with your partner to maximize your retreat experience. 

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Ticket Price Increases on July 24th!